Chic Handbag Handle Holder: Elevate Your Bag's Display with the Handle Cradle!
My Hand Bag Cradle

The Essential Accessory
for Handbag Loving People

about My Handbag Cradle

My Handbag Cradle emerged from an unrelenting passion to offering a creative way in solving how to store, protect, and showcase the modern handbag. Profoundly cognizant of each handbag’s style, size, and purpose, led to designing a simplistically elegant solution to caring for an iconic wardrobe accessory.

 Purposefully minimalized, our approach places your handbag centerstage while offering the greatest freedom of expression. Choice of materials, finishing, and packaging are methodically chosen to ensure the greatest quality and care for your beloved handbag or an entire collection.

My Handbag Cradle recognizes each handbag style is as unique as those who invest and care for these beautiful works of art. Elated, we are in knowing your beloved everyday carry to your most cherished handbag will look its very best when you need it most.

Our Mission

Make the handbag the centerpiece to any closet, gallery, or space.

Our Vision

Become the premier accessory to handbag lovers globally.



Our business exists because of people first and why our products are built and delivered by people treated fairly and with the utmost dignity.

Customer Commitment

You are more than a name and why developing relationships means creating a company culture that is available to those who believe in us.


Built on the principle that every little bit counts. This is why our packaging is primarily made from or is nearly completely recyclable and why we do not include added unnecessary tools or packaging.


We know anything short of astonishing will not suffice in Storing, Protecting, & Showcasing your beloved handbag or collection. Attention to detail and quality standards continue to be improved as we grow and create new designs for this amazing industry.